Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Nickel Children

No one can possibly argue that short films are very difficult to make. Some might agree that they're harder than feature films, depending on who you are. For the rest of us, filmmakers have limited time to tell their story and to get their point across in such a way that it would have the same effect if the short was actually a feature. The only real difference between a short and a feature is its budget. A short film is likely to have ten times the limited budget that a feature does unless your Michael Bay wanting to make Transformers the 35 minute short film. On this notion something like the Transformers franchise would never work in a shorter medium because the story is just too big and deserves to be told in a feature film. Now, I'll leave it up to you to decide it's deserving quality.

This brings us to the short film Nickel Children from director Kevin Eslinger. Nickel Children blends everything together into what a short film should be. The story I find is perfect for the short medium. As mentioned above, one thing that we must realize is that a short must do everything that a feature does, but in limited time. There is no margin for error because the slightest mistake is likely to be that more noticeable. Some might argue that characters must go through a full story arc. Personally, I don't find this to be the case and as long as the characters are believable in their environments and the story is engaging in its own right, then I find that this can lead to some pretty amazing experiences in cinema.

So, I don't know how many of you are actually reading my little page here, but I'd like to show you a teaser that was just released on the internet for the short film, Nickel Children.

Nickel Children (2010)

Release Date: 2010

Director: Kevin Eslinger

Writer: Kevin Eslinger
Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Short, Western
Official Site: nickelchildren.eslingerfilm.com

Nickel Children is an action, adventure, sci-fi, fantasy steampunk film.

"Steampunk" is a visual, cultural style that blends western elements with British Victorian era design, often with over complicated steam powered machinery and technology.

Nickel Children
is a story that takes place in the late 19th Century, in an alternate reality, dust bowl Kansas. It revolves around a young boy whom is abducted and forced into an underground child fighting ring. Wealthy people are invited to attend these secret communities and bet on the children for their own amusement. Jack is soon freed by a vigilante woman looking for her own missing son.

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